The Silver City Association    

The Silver City Association grew out of the annual Silver City reunions that were held at Gatwick or in that area from 1977 onwards. In 1987, Keith Dagwell was asked to take over the organisation of that event and he developed it into the Silver City Association that exists today.

The Association aims to keep alive the spirit of Silver City that was so evident during the company's halcyon days and has a membership of over 200 ex-Silver City employees and others involved with the Air Ferry, together with a growing band of Silver City enthusiasts. There is an Annual Reunion at Ferryfield (now London Ashford Airport) which is regularly attended by up to 100 'Citizens' thier families and friends; those who cannot attend keep in touch through the Association's annual newsletter.

The Association also holds what is probably the most comprehensive archive collection of original documents, photographs and Silver City memorabilia in the world. Most of this archive is housed at the British Airways Speedbird Heritage Centre near Heathrow.

Membership is open to anyone interested in the Silver City story and involves a one-off payment of just £10. Go to the Membership page to download an application form.